The Atmospheric Emission Licensing Module of SAAQIS. This module provides information and resources related to atmospheric emission sources listed in terms of the National Environmental Management Air Quality Act, Act No. 39 of 2004 (NEM:AQA).
Section 21 of the NEM:AQA requires the Minister to publish a list of activities which result in atmospheric emissons and to establish minimum emissions standards in respect of a substance or mixture of substances resulting from those listed activities.
The consequence of the listing is that to conduct a listed activity in the Republic, any person requires a Provisional Atmospheric Emissions License or an Atmospheric Emission License.
The Minister has published a Section 21 Notice for the regulation of listed activities, prescribing the minimum emissions standards applicable to each listed activity amongsted other things.


The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) is the only national body responsible for carrying out accreditations in respect of conformity assessment, as mandated through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act 19 of 2006).

These includes accreditation of-

(a) calibration, testing and verification laboratories;
(b) certification bodies;
(c) inspection bodies;
(d) rating agencies; and
(e) any other type of body that may be added to SANAS’ scope of activity by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Accreditation means third party attestation related to conformity assessment and calibration facilities conveying formal demonstration of their competence to carry out tasks against specified criteria, including criteria in national and/or International Guides and Standards.


The South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA) is a non-profit association formed in 1980, by the South African wood preserving industry, primarily to promote timber treatment and treated timber products. Commercially grown timber in Southern Africa is mainly of the Eucalyptus and Pinus species, both of which are not durable. By applying the correct chemicals to these timbers we are able to ensure that the timber performs as if it were durable thereby giving predictable long life performance.

We confirm that our products are environmentally friendly and safe. Our products are safe in the general use of it for humans or animals. (We do confirm that some of our products are burnt and that the smoke could be harmful)